The Legacy Investor Forum is a business building event for both novice and highly active investors.
Over the 3 days of activities and sessions, Forums provide a one-stop shop network for any investor ready to advance to the next level.

Upcoming Schedule
Virtual Forum
April 3-5, 2020
About Live Classes at Forums

What about live classes?
For as long as we have students contracted to take their classes live onsite, we will offer up to 4 live classes at a Forum. Tax & Asset Protection will be the only live class that we will continue to offer beyond 2021 at Forums

What’s the priority?
Should you be in contract for a live class that is being held at a Forum, your priority should be to enroll into your live class instead of the Forum

Can I attend a live class and attend the Forum too?
Unfortunately not. By fulfilling your live class, you will not have access to the Forum’s workshops and presentations. And vice versa; if you attend the Forum, you may not take your live 3-day class. It’s a matter of being in 2 places at the same time

How can live class students and Forum attendees network with each other?
The General Session (aka main ballroom and exhibit floor) will be the communal ground for both events. EVERYONE will be able to network and participate in General Session meals, presentations, and networking sessions

Benefits of the Forums
  • You may bring guests (18 & over)
  • You will receive additional education and “hands-on” experiences beyond your Elite Trainings
  • More Networking than at a Symposium
  • Larger Resource Center with more vendors
  • Current Elite Contracted Students will have the option to be assigned to a Hall of Fame Ambassador during the event
  • Additional time with the mentors
Forum Agenda
  • Forums will consist of mostly presentations, workshops, role-playing exercises, think tank sessions, and networking (aka Breakouts)
  • You will have a choice of breakout to attend during approx. 8 hours of the day
    • Breakout Track A: (Travis Howard, LA)
    • Breakout Track B: (Vicky Greene, LA)
    • Breakout Track C: Guest Speakers/Vendor Presentations
  • Up to 3 breakouts may run consecutively at any one time Between breakouts, you can partake in networking activities, visit the exhibit floor, schedule time with a mentor, or catch up with your Hall of Fame Ambassador
  • You may choose to attend any networking breakfast, lunch presentation, mixer, or evening presentation
  • Forums will end on Sunday; no later than 3:00 PM to accommodate early flights
Hall of Fame Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors are our Hall of Fame Inductees
  • If you are a CURRENT Elite Legacy Contracted student, you have the option to be assigned to a Hall of Fame Ambassador
  • You will meet as a group on Day 1 before/during breakfast
  • HOF Ambassadors will Q&A with you to gain insight and help you get the most out of your Forum weekend
  • Your investing wants & needs will also be gathered and shared with other HOF Ambassadors who will compare notes. You will then be linked to their students who match your wants and needs (dependent on results)
Additional Information
  • Forums are being designed to benefit ALL investors eventually including Canadians, Financial Markets, etc. We hope to include FMI starting in April or May
  • There will be a Forum page on the portal. The program will be available, and sessions will be color coded by breakout type (ie, presentation, workshops, networking event, etc.)
  • All breakouts will be first come, first served onsite. We will not be registering attendees for a guaranteed seat during specific breakouts
  • Workshop and Role-playing classes will be limited due to the interactive experience
  • Live classes will also continue in Cape Coral, as well as a few standalone areas throughout the nation